Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries - DC PAL

Meeting type: 
Dynamic Coalition
Meeting Description: 

This will be the first meeting of DC-PAL, which was created as a result of discussions at the IGF 2011 workshop no 185 'Do policy makers understand the role of libraries in mobilising the Internet as a catalyst for development, innovation and freedom'. The main aims of this meeting will be to
- make the underlying statements and goals of DC-PAL known to a broader audience and debate their value in the context of all stake-holder groups
- actively recruit more supporters of and participants in DC-PAL
- discuss the draft of a public statements on Public Access in Libraries that evidences the value of ICT enhanced public libraries to development
- discuss the outcomes of the proposed workshop on Digital Inclusion submitted to IGF2012 (if accepted)
- discuss and agree a work programme (until IGF2013), including IGF regional and national workshops, advocacy campaigns, and technical support such as a website.

Reported by: 
Monika Elbert
A brief substantive summary and the main events that were raised: 

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Conclusions and further comments: 

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Additional documents: 
Gender Report Card
Please estimate the overall number of women participants present at the session: 
About half of the participants were women
To what extent did the session discuss gender equality and/or women's empowerment?: 
It was raised by one or more of the speakers as an important aspect of the session's theme
Provide the name of the speakers and their affiliation to various stakeholder groups: 

Rima Kupryte, Director, EIFL (civil society)
Anriette Esterhuyzen, Director, APC (civil society)
Jean-Jacques Sahel, Skype (private sector)
Kafui Prebble, CEO Techaid, Ghana (private sector
Sangay Khandu, government of Bhutan
Lidia Fromm, government of Honduras
Paul Baran, Digital Champion, Biblionet Romania (civil society)
Christine Runnegar, Senior Policy Advisor, ISOC (civil society)
Olivier Crepin-Leblond, ISOC England Chapter

Provide the name of the organiser(s) of the Meeting and their affiliation to various stakeholder groups: 

Monika Elbert, EIFL, Policy Advisor (NGO)
Stuart Hamiltion, Director of Policy and Advocacy, IFLA (NGO)

Have you organised a Meeting (Dynamic Coalition, Open Forum, Side Session) before? If yes, please provide links to report(s): 

No, but EIFL organised workshops in IGF 2010 and 2012

Name of Remote Moderator(s): 

Fiona Bradley, ALP Co-ordinator, International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (Civil Society)