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Dynamic Coalition
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Gender and Internet Governance: Critical reflections for the future.

As the debate on who (should) govern the internet is becoming increasingly critical at national and international fronts, how have issues of gender justice and women's equal participation fared in this question? Has the multistakeholder process of IGF successfully facilitated the inclusion and active participation of women and girls in their diversity to inform key debates and issues as committed to under Paragraph 12 of the WSIS Declaration? What have been some of the important issues raised and their potential impact, and what are some of the challenges faced in this space and process? The meeting will
invite contributions from various speakers to share their experience and thoughts in terms of their engagament on issues of gender justice and concerns in different IG spaces and processes, including the IGF.

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Anja Kovacs, Internet Democracy Project (civil society, confirmed)
Nighat Daad, Digital Rights Foundation (civil society, confirmed)
Marianne Franklin, Goldsmith University (academia, confirmed)
Yara Sallam, Nazra Project (civil society, confirmed)
Avri Doria, Independent consultant (technical community, TBC)
Moderator: Jac sm Kee (APC)

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Association for Progressive Communications (APC, civil society)

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