Abdul Rahim - Rinalia

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Rinalia Abdul Rahim is Founder and Managing Director of Compass Rose Sdn Bhd (www.compassrose.my), a company that provides strategic advice and solutions on innovation management, knowledge management and business development towards enhancing organizational performance, learning and impact.
She is experienced in bringing together stakeholders from the public, private and civil society sectors to explore innovative and collaboration-based solutions to development challenges worldwide.  She has successfully established global programs and networks for sharing knowledge, building multistakeholder partnerships, and spreading best practices across thematic clusters involving government agencies, private sector companies, UN agencies, NGOs, Academic institutions and media organizations.
She has spent more than 10 years working on issues of access, empowerment and governance in the information age and has spoken on these issues widely including at the World Summit on the Information Society (2003 and 2005).  She has also conceptualized and moderated many multistakeholder discussion and learning forums at the regional and global levels.
An expert in developing and managing global multistakeholder networks, she led the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) as its Executive Director from 2001-2008 and successfully positioned GKP as the world's leading multi-sector network in the field of “ICT for Development” and “Knowledge for Development”.  She established the GKP Secretariat in Kuala Lumpur upon its transfer out of the World Bank in 2001.  Prior to joining GKP, she supported the Malaysian Government in developing its ICT policies, strategies and programs for nurturing Malaysia’s knowledge-based society. 
She has held advisory positions with the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, GAN-Net, the Malaysian Government, the Wawasan Open University, the International Task Force on Women and ICT, and the Youth Social Enterprise Initiative.  She was recently appointed to the At Large Advisory Committee of the Internet Corporation on Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
She holds a Master in Public Policy Degree from Harvard University and a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Princeton University.