Afonso - Carlos

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Studied naval engineering at the Polytechnical School of the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Master in
Economics, York University, Toronto, Canada, with doctoral studies in
Social and Political Thought at the same university. Works in human
development fields since the early 1970s, when he worked with Chile’s
National Planning Office under Salvador Allende’s government. Has been
active as a consultant for UNDP, IDRC (Canada), Kellogg Foundation,
Friedrich Ebert Foundation and other international organizations, on
themes related to communications, ICTs and human development, in Angola,
Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Colombia, Honduras, Mozambique, Nicaragua,
São Tome and Principe, among other countries. Co-founder of the
Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analyses, Ibase (1981), Rio
de Janeiro, where he conceived and led the first Internet services
provider project in the country (Alternex, 1989). Co-founder of the
Association for Progressive Communications, APC (1990), an international
consortium of NGOs with the overall mission of promoting universal
access and democratization of information and communication. Proposed
and coordinated the Eco ’92 Internet project in Rio de Janeiro in
association with APC and the UN. Board member of Brazil’s Internet
Steering Committee (, 1995-1997/2003-2014. Member of the UN’s
Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) – 2004-2005. Member of
ICANN’s GNSO (Generic Domain Names Supporting Organization) – 2003-2004
-- on behalf of the Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC).
Chairperson of NCUC – 2005-2006. Coorganizer of the II Latin American
and Caribbean Preparatory Meeting for the IGF, Rio de Janeiro, August
12-13, 2009. Special advisor to the Brazilian co-chair of the Internet
Governance Forum (IGF), 2007. Special advisor to the chair of IGF's
secretariat – 2008-2009. From 2009 to 2011 was a member of UNCTAD Expert
Group on ICT and Poverty Alleviation. Currently is executive director of
the Nupef Institute (, a research, policy advocacy and
learning center focused on leveraging ICTs for sustainable human
development. From 2010 to 2012 was a member of the Managing Council of
Telebras, the Brazilian state company in charge of Brazil's National
Broadband Plan. Is author of several articles, studies and books on
social and political themes and about Internet development, published in
Portuguese, Spanish, French and English. Fluently speaks, read and
writes Portuguese, English, and Spanish.