Aguerre - Carolina

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Carolina is LACTLD’s General Manager and a MAG member for the technical and academic community since May 2012. She is also a lecturer at the Universidad de San Andrés’ Center for Technology and Society in Buenos Aires. She has worked as a consultant for the Argentina Ministry of Science and Technology; as Projects Officer at the British Embassy in Montevideo and as a researcher for several NGO’s in in the LAC region and at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay. Some of her publications include: “Internet communities in Argentina and Brazil: origins, networks and institutional development” (6TH Giganet Symposium); “Qualitative and quantitative approaches to ICT usage in the LAC region” (in Spanish; 2011, in co-authorship); “Whitepaper on ICT in Argentina” (in Spanish, 2009, in co-authorship); “ccTLDs and the local dimension if Internet Governance” (2008, International Symposium Proceedings, Nagaoka University of Technology).