Asatiani - Sandro (Alexander)

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Alexander Asatiani works in PH International from September 2011 as the Information and Social Networking Manager for the Applied Civic Education and Teacher Training Program. Prior to joining PH, Alexander was a social media consultant to international organizations and governmental agencies, including UNICEF, Transitions Online, Publishing House Diogene, Regione Toscana, the Regional Environmental Center Caucasus and EuropAid. He has more than ten years of working experience with local and international organizations in Georgia and abroad, where he managed video production, digital media and online projects. Currently, Alexander is a visiting professor in several leading universities in Tbilisi, teaching social media and online communications in graduate and undergraduate courses. One of his most notable accomplishments was the publication of the first Georgian book on social media, Social Media at School, under the PH-administered Georgian Legal Socialization Program, funded by the Transitions Online. He has also published 12 children’s fiction books. Alexander holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Georgian Arts Academy and a Master’s Degree from the Academy of Arts of Florence. In 2008, he spent six months studying at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.