Bennett - Louise

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Dr Louise Bennett had an initial career as a Government scientist working on locust plague dynamics in Africa for seven years, then operations analysis and aircraft cockpit design at the Royal Aircraft Establishment. In the late 1980s she moved into the private sector as an IT Director. 
Over the last twenty years she has worked at board level in both the private sector (Thorn EMI, Logica, AEA Technology, vivas) and public sectors. She has worked on various government advisory bodies (including the Police IT Organisation as a non-executive director and Defence Scientific Advisory Council). 
In her consulting work she focuses on all aspects of strategic and corporate governance, particularly the exploitation of new technology and risk management. Her latest work includes how to develop resilient organisations, both from an overall environmental and security perspective and from the perspective of information assurance, including fraud prevention. 
She also specialises in the ethical dimensions of governance. She is currently Chair of the BCS Security Community of Expertise and a member of their Government Relations Group.