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Since 2011 Jillian C. York is Director for International Freedom of Epxression at the Electronic Frontier Foundations.
In the past Jillian has been part of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, a research center at Harvard University that focuses on the study of cyberspace, where she worked on the OpenNet Initiative, a joint project whose goal is to monitor and report on internet filtering and surveillance practices by nations, and Herdict, and conducted research on distributed denial-of-service attacks.
She writes regularly about free expression, politics, and the Internet, with particular focus on the Arab world. York's writing on free expression has also been published in The Guardian, Bloomberg and Foreign Policy. She is a regular columnist for Al Jazeera English and writes for Global Voices Online, where she is also on its board of directors as of 2011. She also co-founded Talk Morocco, which won the 2010 Deutsche Welle Best of Blogs Award for Best English-language blog.