Cadena - Sylvia

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Sylvia has been working for almost 2 decades supporting different organizations and groups to strategically use ICTs for development.
In 1993, right after graduating from Industrial Design, she joined the United Nations Volunteers Program supporting south-to-south exchange of information among farmers.
Later that year, she joined COLNODO to build a strong and consistent Internet presence from civil society organizations around the LAC region, providing technical training on web design, usability and accessibility. She coordinated the first telecenter project deployed in LAC providing access for marginalized communities. She provided useful insight to the National Connectivity Agenda in Colombia and similar initiatives that flourished throughout the region during the late 90s.
In 2000, she joined the CGIAR Tropical Whitefly IPM Project (a global initiative on integrated pest management) where she developed the researchers online platform.
In July 2003, her work was recognized with the "Annual Award for Young Professionals" by the International Development Research Center (IDRC). During her internship she supported ICAmericas to start-up a variety of initiatives such as OSILAC, FRIDA, WiLAC & TRICALCAR, the World Dialogue on Regulation, among others.
As a consultant, she coordinated community wireless networking initiatives, focusing on collaboration platforms to provide training, localized materials (WNDW book) and equipment.
She moved to Australia in 2008 and joined the Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC) to coordinate the ISIF Asia fund, a grants and awards program supporting innovation on ICTs in the region.