Cvetkovic - Dejan

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Dejan Cvetkovic is the Regional Technology Officer of Microsoft, Central and Eastern Europe. Dejan holds the Bachelor of Science from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. He joined Microsoft in Canada back in 1993 as the software design engineer in Microsoft Exchange development team. Until 2003, Dejan held several different positions in Microsoft both on the engineering and business development side. In 2003, Dejan had established Microsoft subsidiary in CEE countries  - Serbia and Montenegro and became the first General Manager of new Microsoft subsidiaries there. At that time, Dejan was also elected to be the President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia. In 2008, Dejan had joined the CEE regional headquarters in Munich Germany as the director of public sector business for the multicounty region of CEE. In mid 2011, Dejan assumed the position of the regional technology officer. Technology and its impact on people’s lives had always been his passion.