de Groot - Danielle

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After finishing a BSc in European Studies and a MSc in Public Policy, Ms Danielle de Groot started working for the Dutch Police in 2006. Initially for the project that was responsible for the implementation of the new Police Data Act. And in 2008 she began working for the National Cybercrime Programme of the Dutch Police. This programme operates under the auspices of the Council of Chiefs of Police, and aims to support the Dutch Police in anticipating the development of modern day digitization and cybercrime. Currently she is a senior consultant and is amongst other things responsible for maintaining relations with the police forces which are assigned to her. This includes identifying new developments, both within the Dutch police and in society, and translating these developments into the frameworks of the programme. Furthermore, she enables the creation of workable agreements between the police forces, the programme and any external parties. In view of this workshop it is interesting to note that since 2009, Danielle has coached several youth projects called Digikids. And from 2011 she has been involved in various steering committees in the field of youth and digital awareness.