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Mouhamet Diop is chairman and CEO of Kheweul.com, the first ICANN
Accredited Registrar to be operational in Africa, which provides 
services from domain name registration to web hosting at affordable 
prices to all African communities.
Mr Diop is the Chair of the National IT Cluster within the Accelerated 
Strategy Growth Plan for Senegal. He manages, as the representative of 
the Private Sector, the vision for an emerging senegalese economy.
His main focus is on content promotion and economy impact of ICT on the 
African Economy. With Kheweul.Com, Mr Diop promote the DIigital Content  
and the Social and Economical impact of Information Technology on the 
Real African economy and how to empower the population to take advantage 
and benefit from the IT environment.
He is also CEO of NEXT SA, a consulting company in Senegal promoting 
innovative solutions in education, health, finance, and development in 
mostly West African countries.
Mouhamet Diop works with international organizations(UN, ITU, UNIDO, 
UNDP, OIF Francophonie, African Union Commission, etc.) as an expert on 
the development of telecommunications and information and communication 
technologies in developing countries.
In Senegal, Mouhamet Diop is involved within the Global Initiative for 
Education through a Public Private Partnership and has been awared as a 
champion for Education in Developing Countries.
He works on e-government projects in Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, and Sierra 
Leone and at the global level works on the Interconnection Plan in Africa.
As a founding members of Afrinic, IP Expert, Mouhamet Diop is working 
for the implementation of National and Regional Internet Exchanges 
Points in Africa (Senegal, Benin, Ivory Coast).
Mr Diop was involved in the Internationalized Domain Name project and 
served on the board of directors of the Internet Corporation for 
Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN) for four years. Before joining NEXT SA, he worked for the 
National Telecom Company, SONATEL from 1993 to 2001.
As a Permanent Secretary of ISOC Chapter in Senegal,  Mouhamet Diop is 
involved in all Civil Society Activities to promote a stronger 
penetration of the Internet for All, in Africa.