Douglas - Nicola

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Nicola is 16 and comes from Edinburgh in Scotland. She is a member of Childnet International’s Youth IGF Project and attended the IGF 2011 in Nairobi.
It is her experience that the internet offers her the opportunity to share knowledge with people and to gain more insight and to see other opinions on issues. Of her engagement with the IGF she said, “After participating in the Youth IGF in 2011, I personally have been made far more aware of the benefits of multi-stakeholder discussion. It’s a real privilege to be able to share ideas and knowledge with others. Personally, I have benefited most from learning that there are always other views and opinions to consider and that there are always people with a different perspective to my own. Discussions about Internet Governance can only be truly successful if they encompass the opinions of as many stakeholders as possible. It is of huge importance that the IGF itself upholds its duty to facilitate the attendance (be that as it may by remote-connection) of all stakeholders. The more youth that are present, the more discussion can be improved by diversification, contributing to a successful IGF that reflects the diversity of the internet itself.”