Flaim - Robert

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Robert Flaim entered the FBI as a Special Agent in 1997 after serving several years as a US Army Judge Advocate General Officer. He has been assigned to the Washington DC Field Office since then and has worked primarily cyber issues.

Since 1999 Special Agent Flaim been assigned to the FBI's Cyber Division (formerly part of the US National Infrastructure Protection Center), where he investigates computer intrusion matters in both the criminal and national security areas. As the focus of the FBI's cyber mission has changed since 9/11, Special Agent Flaim has participated in several investigations of international cyber-terrorism and cyber-intelligence.

Special Agent Flaim has worked with a number of global IT companies in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia area, as well as ICANN, regional, national and international law enforcement agencies on numerous cases involving IT security and privacy. Most recently, SA Flaim has spoken at conferences in Australia and South Africa concerning global approaches to the protection and use of information technology as the cyber frontier continues to expand into the 21st century.