Glisovic - Biljana

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Biljana Glisovic Milic was born in Belgrade, Serbia.  She is an electrical engineer and currently working as a Symantec Sales Manager with Apcom. She is also a tutor of the ISOC NGL eLearning Programme, Diplo IGCBP Introduction to IG, and advanced module on Infrastructure and Connection Costs, as well as the Policy Research Methodology Course for Infrastructure issues. She has been involved with Diplo Foundation since 2005 as a participant of the IG course in Belgrade, IGCBP 2006 and IG research projects. She participated in the WSIS PrepCom II in Geneva, WSIS in Tunis and in the IGF in Athens as a Diplo fellow. She attended the Summer School on Internet Governance in 2012. Her main interests are in the development of the telecommunication infrastructure in developing countries, ICT national strategies, IPv6 and Internet Policy.