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Pippa is the Education and Youth Engagement Manager at Childnet International. An integral member of the Youth IGF Project team, Pippa works on a daily basis with children and young people, coordinating and presenting at Childnet’s Activity Days in schools, and managing Childnet's youth engagement work for Childnet as the European Commission appointed Safer Internet Centre. 
Childnet is the lead partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre, the UK node of the European Insafe programme along with the South West Grid for Learning and the Internet Watch Foundation.
In all her work, Pippa seeks to harness the enthusiasm that children and young people have about the internet and channel it to focus on staying safe and using the internet positively and she leads Childnet's work in further developing the organisation's approach to working with parents and delivering effective, up to date e-safety messages in an innovative and engaging way. Pippa studied Sociology at the University of Bath prior to work in the UK's largest grammar school providing pastoral support to work with GCSE students.