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Maria Häll – Master of Science in computer science and Deputy Director at the Government Offices of Sweden.
Maria has a long experience of working with ICT and Internet Policy issues, both in private and public sector, on local, national and international levels.
Maria has genuine interest for policymaking and the use of ICT and Internet as fundamental tools for communication between societies, companies and ourselves and central prerequisites for positive development in our society. The way forward to overcome the challenges, grab the opportunities and build a digital society for all is true multistakeholder cooperation and dialogue between all stakeholders, understanding how Internet and technology works and also understanding of the different roles and responsibilities of different players.
The Internet of today and the Internet in future must build upon some strong and important fundamentals; openness, robustness and a global availability.
Maria is vice chair for the ICANN Government Advisory Committee (GAC) and co-chair for the RIPE Cooperation Working Group and the Swedish representative in the EU Commission advisory group High Level Group on Internet Governance (HLIG). Maria has been active at several of the Internet Governance Forum’s during the years.