Hajili - Rashid

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Rashid Hajili is a practicing lawyer and the chairman of Media Rights Institute (MRI). MRI was founded in 2002 and is a leading organization in the sphere of promoting freedom of expression and access to public information rights. As a leader of MRI team, Rashid was part of its all accomplishments: legal standard setting by reviewing of existing legislation framework of free expression and freedom of information, the administrative and court practice of their implementation, development of recommendations for policy changes in the sphere of free expression and advocacy campaign. MRI is an author of several legislative developments like Law on obtaining of information, Law on public service broadcasting or Defamation law.
MRI is providing legal defense to journalists having legal problem for use of their rights to free expression. Being the top lawyer of defense team, Rashid consulted many journalists in court trails and developed applications to European Court of Human Rights on violation of rights of journalists.