Hiselius - Patrik

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Patrik Hiselius, LL.M. Stockholm University, has been working with IT and Law in an international context since the beginning of the 90's. He has served as specialist on ICT regulatory matters, as company lawyer negotiating content contracts, as specialist in national and international public affairs and, today, as to sustainability issues. His special focus, representing TeliaSonera, has been on content related issues such as copyright, privacy and various other ethical matters, most often in multi-stakeholder contexts such as the following: The EU research Project IMPRIMATUR, a multi stakeholder project which defined legal, technical, standards- and business aspects on electronic commerce for content; The EU DG Internal Market multi-stakeholder dialogue on illegal up- and downloading representing the industry; The formation of the Global Network Initiative; and the on-going Industry Dialogue, were eleven (October 2012) telecommunications companies have teamed together to develop broadly accepted principles and tools to support the respect of privacy and freedom of expression in good understanding of stakeholder expectations. He today works with corporate responsibility strategy and implementation at TeliaSonera Group Sustainability ( www.teliasonera.com ).