INNE - Anne-Rachel

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Anne-Rachel is part of the Global Partnership department at ICANN that has a network of seven regional liaisons so far. It was established in response to Internet community demand and in implementation of ICANN's publicly agreed strategic plan. Her responsibilities include outreach, support to and engagement with respective regions and stakeholders, civil society, business and governments; partnering with respective organizations; delivering against an action plan consistent with ICANN's operations and strategic plans.
Anne-Rachel was first a translator, then a sales manager for UTA/Air France for the Niger office and then an ICT for development practices consultant. She has a Master of Arts in English/Translation from the University of Paris XII, and graduated in 1997 from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with an MBA in International Management. Prior to working for ICANN, she worked as a consultant on local, regional and international projects for the UNDP/UNOPS, UNCTAD, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the IICD, the Francophonie, etc.
She is a member/board member of several African and international organizations that work with/for the private sector with a focus on ICTs. She is the god mother of youth community radios, cyber centers and is a long time member of the Rotary. She practices sports in general.