Jackman - Matthew

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Matthew is 17 and comes from Cumbria in the UK. He is part of Childnet International’s Youth IGF Project. Matthew attended the IGF 2011 in Nairobi contributing in a number of workshops. 
He said, “We all need to recognise that the internet is an empowering tool which can both enhance; society, culture, economies and improve how information is obtained. Consequently, we all have an obligation to ensure that regardless of geographical location or social background that the Internet is both available and accessible. Accessibility can be increased with education, and effective infrastructures and systems for all potential users. Primarily, we must promote the benefits of the Internet to motivate people and encourage confidence in use. Both existing users and non users must develop an understanding of digital citizenship. I conclude the Internet to be a basic human right, as stated in article 19, ‘everyone has the right to receive and impart information and ideas to any media regardless of frontiers.”
On the topic of youth engagement and involvement he said, “I consider the voice of the youth and youth participation to be fundamental to the functioning of the forum. I feel our views, ideas and hopes for the internet were acknowledged and have hopefully made a difference to one of the stakeholders. I hope that next year more youth participants will be able to attend and will be invited to express their views.”