João Carlos Rebello Caribé

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Marketing Professional, post-graduate degree in Digital Media, Cyberactivist, active on the Internet since 1995. 

 From 1996 to 2004 he managed the Flash Brasil, one of the largest Macromedia's partner in Brazil, developing innovative business models through collaborative users groups. He was a member of the Macromedia Advisory Board from 2000 to 2001, representing users in South America.

   He dedicated himself to struggles for freedom on the Internet, from 2005 through mobilizations and joint policies towards society and the Brazilian parliament. Published online petition in 2008, today with more than 160,000 signatures, against the menacing Bill 84/99 Cybercrime, producing several political events in favor of Internet freedom.

In this fight, he created the Movement “Mega Não” in 2009, which garnered big wins as the stoppage of the bill 84/99, causing the release of Internet Civil Marco, a draft anti-ACTA.   The “Mega Não” become a powerful platform for the mobilization and information against threats to Internet freedom, working from public hearings, lectures, interviews, flash mobs to blogging collective. It was the main coordinator in Brazil Blackout against SOPA on January 18, achieving membership of over 400 Brazilian sites.   

Strongly involved in IGF 2011, as part of the Frida prize won by “Mega Não” in "freedoms" category , as a project with a prominent activity in the public and political level to avoid censorship of the Internet. Prize offered by LACNIC, ISOC and IDRC and delivered during the LACNIC XVI in Buenos Aires.