Komarov - Mikhail

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Finished PhD studies and finally passed viva in March, 2012; received M.S. in Information technologies and devices with honor in 2010; received B.S. in Information technologies and devices with honor in 2008 from MIEM; received B.A. in Management with honor in 2009 from MIEM.
Received qualification junior engineer-programmer in 2004 from TCF 1840; passed certification exams (Zyxel Communications Corporation (Zyxel Certified System). Certified specialist in wireless sensor networks (NXP semiconductors).
Participated at the different conferences and exhibitions like - CeBIT-2009, CeBIT-2010 (Hannover, Germany), “Networked embedded and control system technologies: European and Russian R&D cooperation - workshop (2009, Milan, Italy), China Hi-Tech Fair (2012, Shenzhen, China).
Awarded with medals and diplomas for the scientific projects; Scholarship from the company Dr. Web (drweb.com) (2009-2010); grant for the scientific project with Fraunhofer IML (Fraunhofer scientific society, Dortmund, Germany); awarded with special President Scholarship for studying abroad in 2010-2011 and studied at the University of Birmingham, UK which also included participation in research projects.
Founder of the Interuniversity Laboratory for Innovative Projects – WiseNet Lab (www.wisenetlab.com); founder of small youth innovative company VEK-21 Ltd., and head of the certified training center (in microelectronics) of the NXP semiconductors in Russia; founder of the All Russian organization “Young Innovative Russia” www.i-innomir.ru which supports talented people in Russia.