Mairena - Monica

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I am the Coordinator of the Unit of Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Policies for the Ministry of Social Development in Honduras. My work is based on the evaluation of public policies, which intend to generate information for all the sectors involved in the society, allowing decision makers to have a more effective and efficient participation; increasing and improving the development of the social areas by promoting programs and projects that reach the basic needs of people living under poverty and extreme poverty.
I participated in the definition of the Primary Social Indicators for the Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Policies for reducing and eradicating poverty funded by the UNDP. Furthermore, I was part of the creation of the System for the Evaluation of Social Public Policies of Honduras, which was financed by the World Bank.
I have a solid experience on government statistics and monitoring results, which are key elements for the examination and evaluation of the public policies created for social development goals.
I have a Master Degree of Science in Finance and a bachelor`s degree in Industrial and Business Management from the Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana UNITEC (Central American Technological University).