Mejidov - Elvin

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Elvin Mejidov is an independent international consultant on the European Union (EU) external democracy promotion, development cooperation, human rights and public policy, from Azerbaijan. He has worked for several local and international NGOs in Azerbaijan, Sweden, Belgium and Poland.
As a Swedish Institute scholar, Elvin obtained an MSc degree in European affairs degree from Lund University in Sweden, and BA with distinction in international relations, from Western University in Baku. He currently teaches the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy at the Caucasus University in Baku. One of his personal research interests is the internet freedom direction in the European countries' global democratization policies.
The Swiss 42-nd St Gallen Symposium on 'Facing Risk' selected him as the ''Leader of Tomorrow'' from Azerbaijan in May 2012, and currently, he is also a member of the ''New Leader for Tomorrow'' network of the Crans Montana Forum of Switzerland.
Elvin, was an invited participant of the Stockholm Internet Forum on Internet Freedom for Global Development in April this year, in his capacity as a member of the Swedish Institute Network for Future Global Leaders.