Miloshevic - Desiree

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Desiree Miloshevic is International Affairs and Policy Adviser at Afilias, a global leader in domain name registry services. 
Since 1993, Desiree worked with many organisations that run critical parts of Internet infrastructure, e.g. ISPs, RIRs, ccTLDs, sTLDs, gTLDs, etc. She had held various management, technical and policy roles in both private and non-for-profit sector.

Desiree's primary interest is Internet public policy and making sure that the Internet stays open and accessible to all users around the world; to help bring more co-ordinaton and understanding between technical, entrepreneurial, user community and legislators; inform policy makers; ensure that shared resources - Internet as a communication technology outweigh the costs of potential misuse and overregulation; explore new models of intellectual property and business where proprietary and open source methodologies can be complimentary rather than confrontational for the ultimate benefit of Internet community.

Internet Governance Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Group (MAG), Special Advisor to the Chair (2006-2009);
Internet Society (ISOC) - Trustee of the Board, Excom (2004-2010)
Internet Society (ISOC) - Nominations Chair 2006
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) - Board Member (2004-2010)
Irish ENUM Policy Board - Advisory Board
Creative Commons UK - Advisory Board
Open Rights Group UK - Advisory Council
Kendra Initiative - Advisory Board
Internet Society Belgrade Chapter (ISOC)