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Paul Mitchell is Senior Director, Technology Policy at Microsoft Corporation. In this capacity, he is responsible for policy engagement on long-term technology evolution Mitchell assumed his current role in July 2011.  He is responsible for strategic technology policy initiatives in the areas of spectrum, power consumption, and broadband.


Prior to his current position Paul held a variety of senior positions including General Manager, Interoperability and Standards, General Manager of Policy and Standards, Chief of Staff for Microsoft TV, and General Manager of Microsoft TV’s Tools and Applications Product Unit delivering authoring and development products supporting Microsoft TV as well as a suite of .NET-based interactive TV applications.


Prior to joining Microsoft TV he headed a Digital TV Content Team working with networks and studios to develop enhanced TV based on Internet technologies.  In 1993, as a member of the Advanced Consumer Technology Division, Mitchell was involved in Microsoft’s early trials of the Microsoft Interactive TV System in Redmond, Washington and Japan.  He joined Microsoft as a product manager in the Developer Tools Division, where he helped secure developer adoption of Microsoft’s professional C and C++ products.  He was responsible for launching Microsoft C7, Microsoft Visual C++, and Microsoft Visual C++ for Windows NT.


Prior to joining Microsoft in 1991, Mitchell was a senior marketing manager at Raima Corporation, a developer of database products.  There he launched the company’s first object-oriented toolkit, created an international distribution strategy and developed a distribution and consultant network.