Mohammid - Sheba

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Sheba Mohammid is an ICT Policy Specialist and currently works at the National ICT Company, Government of Trinidad and Tobago (iGovTT). At iGovTT she contributes to major Policy considerations surrounding e-Legislative reform and creating an enabling Policy & Legislative Environment.
Sheba lectures the South American and Mainland Caribbean Group on the Diplo Capacity Building Programme on Internet Governance.
Sheba Mohammid is interested in multi-disciplinary and transformative strategies for ICT4D. Her work is focused on Digital Inclusion in Small Island Developing States. She serves as a Research Expert on the Internet Governance Africa Caribbean and Pacific (ACP)Programme, a Commonwealth Fellow and ACP Fellow to the IGF where she has presented and moderated panels on Media Literacy and ICT4D. 
Sheba continues research on Human Behaviour on the Internet, Youth Use of Social Media and Futurist Deployment of ICT as a Catalyst for Development.