Morenets - Yuliya

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Ms Yuliya MORENETS is a Representative of TaC- Together against Cybercrime, a non-profit making civil society organisation against cybercrime. The organisation is actively involved in Internet Governance issues, stimulating discussion on the Use of ICTs by vulnerable people and initiating the debate on the format of Youth and Teenagers’ IGF.
Ms Morenets has been working for a long time now with the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime, as a Deputy Head of the Unit on cybercrime and organised crime of the Council of Europe. Ms Morenets is a Council of Europe expert at the questions related to good governance at the local level; she is an external expert for the Council of Europe Working Group on Cross-border Internet.
Yuliya is a frequent speaker at international conference. She spoke several times at the European Dialogue on Internet Governance and the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). In April 2012, Yuliya was appointed MAG member of IGF meetings.