Munyua - Alice

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Alice Wanjira-Munyua is, among others, the Chair of the Kenya Internet Governance Steering committee and the convenor of the East Africa Internet Governance Forum and Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet); an interdependent multi-stakeholder network, working with government on ICT policy formulation. Ms Wanjira-Munyua is also Vice Chair of the ICANN Government Advisory Committee and Kenya Network Information Centre as well as Director of the Communications Commission. She is involved in managing a research and advocacy project for the Communications Rights in the Information Society, which is aimed at promoting an understanding of communications rights and to reform governance in relation to them.

Ms Wanjira-Munyua has extensive experience in project management, radio programming, information and communication policy advocacy, and multi-stakeholder ICT policy development. She has over the years been engaged with the civil society on a number of initiatives involving research, development communication, capacity building, and civic education. She was involved in mobilizing African Civil Society organizations to prepare input into the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) process. She chaired the Civil Society Caucus during the first WSIS Prep Com held in Geneva in July 2002.
Ms Wanjira-Munyua holds an M.A. in Social Communications from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rom, Italy, and has also trained in gender mainstreaming, Internet law and negotiation skills at various reputable institutions.