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Consultant and trainer/owner, De Natris Consult
Wout de Natris started De Natris Consult in 2011 after seven years in national and international cooperation on spam enforcement and cybercrime. If you want to connect visions or need to create awareness that makes (inter)national cooperation possible or want to change your present course of the way you (are able to) cooperate and share data, you may want to connect with Wout. He has experience as a spam investigator at OPTA, chair and coordinator of several national and international cooperation bodies and in anti-spam and awareness training. He has worked extensively in and presented regularly at international forums on spam and cybercrime, also in relation to IP resources and cooperation between industry and law enforcement. He is currently chair of the Cyber Crime Working Party with RIPE NCC.
Recently he did projects for ECP, platform for the Information Society, in the Netherlands on mobile security and financing a botnet mitigation centre and provided an anti-spam training for three enforcement agencies in Canada. In September 2012 he published a report national cybercrime and online threats reporting and analyses centres, sponsored by Microsoft. Presently he assists NL IGF to organise two workshops at IGF 2012 in Baku.
As we humans are often the weakest link in cyber security, awareness raising is just as important as investing in security and may be a lot cheaper. Within the collective Wout works on a cyber security awareness program for SMEs.
Wout blogs regularly on spam, cybercrime and cyber security. You can visit his blog at and on