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Lara Pace is Communications Officer for the COMNET Foundation for ICT. Lara graduated from the University for the Creative Arts in 2006. As coordinator of the Commonwealth Internet Governance Forum she has been involved with the Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative (CCI) since its conception and has formed part of the team that has driven the Initiative from concept to implementation. Currently, she is the General Secretary to the Executive Management Group of the CCI.  Lara represents the COMNET Foundation on the Advisory Board of the BeSmartOnline! project which aims at raising awareness and educating minors, carers and educators on the safe use of the internet; establishing, operating and promoting reporting facilities for internet abuse; and supporting respective victims.  She has worked in the creative and educational industries in Europe, Africa and Asia. Together with her passion for the visual arts, she has an avid interest in current international affairs. Apart from being a news junkie, Lara is working on a post-war documentary and is researching public information and its online distribution.