Paschou - Maria

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My name is Maria Paschou and I am representing the Advisory Council on Youth in the Council of Europe. I have been working in the youth fields for more than 10 years.
I studied Law in Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, where I currently live, did my Masters in UK and at the moment I am working as a Lawyer in Thessaloniki. In the meanwhile I am trying to update my legal knowledge by attending seminars in European Law and Human Rights Law. 
Through my involvement in the Greek National Youth Council before being elected in the Advisory Council on Youth, I had the chance to participate and being actively involved in several conferences and meetings discussing youth issues and policies that affect young peoples' life.  

During the European Campaign “all different – all equal” (2007) I was the coordinator of the campaign in Greece, in 2011 I was an active member of the Alliance EYV2011 Working Group “Legal Framework of Volunteering”.