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Eric Pigal is a member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels, and an independent European Technology Advisor.
Through over 20 years within Accenture Europe, he worked as an IT Senior Manager for many major clients, in every sector and all over Europe. He managed a broad variety of IT projects going from software development, infrastructure deployment and IT governance. He also grew as an IT Security expert to assist Accenture’s clients and project teams.
In September 2010, the French Government assigned M. Pigal to the EESC where he has been active in most of IT initiatives, and been in charge (rapporteur) of two official reports on Cloud Computing.
Cloud Computing is expected to grow exponentially in a near future. Still, IT and business stakeholders recognize some legitimate concerns regarding the related security. That’s why, based on his previous experiences, in 2012, Eric created KOGNITIS to combine Cloud Computing with IT Security. He provides clients with technology advisory to select the most efficient Cloud options, and still guaranteeing that security will not be compromised.
In parallel, he stays deeply involved in Brussels and maintains valuable relationships among the EU stakeholders, and with worldwide Cloud key players.
Finally, Eric was born in 1964 in Versailles, France where he studied IT. He was willing to get international exposure and experience, and did Consulting in most of the European countries. During the last 25 years he moved to and settled down in Paris, Chicago, Nice, London, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Milan, and most recently Warsaw.