Plano - Jorge

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Jorge Plano was born in Argentina and lives there. He is graduated in Information Systems and consultant in ICT. He created and directs the "Centro de Tecnologias para la Accesibilidad y la Vida Independiente - CETAVI" (Center of Technologies for Accessibility and Independent Life) at the Universidad Tecnologica Nacional in Argentina where he teaches accessibility and assistive technology with credits for the information engineering degree since 2005. He serves in the Board of the Argentina Chapter of Internet Society (ISOC-AR) and he is adviser at CABASE (ISP Argentine Association). Jorge is involved in ICT policies since the 80s, in the early 90s he was Director of IT policies at the Secretariat for Science and Technology of Argentina. Participated in the elaboration of projects of Laws for the accessibility of government Web sites, the last one is now in the Committees of the Senate. He was involved in Internet governance policies in ICANN since start up and participated in the creation of LACNIC (Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry).

He is organizing events on Web Accessibility in Argentina since more than ten years and has been making presentations on ICT policies and on accessibility in many forums (domestic and international).