Puddephatt - Andrew

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Andrew Puddephatt leads Global Partner and Associates’ work on human rights, communications policy and transparency. This has included a major scoping study of global digital communication trends for the Ford Foundation; advice to the Swedish government on implementing its development policy in support of freedom of expression; helping the Brazilian government implement its right to information law; and developing a methodology for assessing the impact of media on democracy in partnership with UNESCO. He has published widely on different aspects of freedom of expression; written guides on assessing the impact of development programmes on human rights policy for UNDP and UNESCO; and made strategic assessments of future trends for European governments. He was previously director of Article 19, an international human rights organisation; is currently chair of International Media Support in Denmark; is a trustee of the Sigrid Rausing Trust; and a management board member of the European Council on Foreign Relations. He was awarded an OBE for services to human rights in January 2003.