Riyadi - Valens

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Mr. Riyadi has been pioneering the Indonesia’s Internet business and technology.
Right after 2004 Tsunami hit Ache, Indonesia, Mr. Riyadi flew to the devastated city of Ache by military aircraft and started to restore Internet connection for the relief operation.
He founded Airputi Foundation in 2004 and continues to provide ICT support for disaster recovery with a team of more than 50 Internet engineers trained for disaster management.
He is volunteer and founder of Airputih Foundation, Indonesia - www.airputih.or.id (2004 - Present) and Head of National Internet Registry, Indonesia ISP Assosiation (APJII) (July 2009 – Present). He is also Administrator of Fotografer.net (December 2002 – Present), Director of Jembatan Citra Nusantara (August 2001 – Present), Director of Citraweb Nusa Infomedia (February 2000 – Present) and Head of Internet Security of Indonesia ISP Association (August 2004– July 2009). Bteween June 1999 and January 2001 he worked as Web Manager Services at Enterweb LLC.
He is also a Mikrotik Certified Consultant and Trainer.
Education: Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, Under graduate, Architecture, 1992– 1998.