Sánchez Medina - Ivan

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Iván Sánchez Medina is an electronic and telecommunications engineer, has a master's degree in telematics from the University of Cauca, and is candidate to a PhD degree in Hispanic Studies at the University of Kentucky.
Sánchez has more than 20 years of experience in administration, operation, regulation and negotiation of communication networks; including personnel, technical and logistical resources management.
He currently serves as Technical Commissioner of the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) of Colombia, and member of the Board of Directors of the entity, where he is responsible for the proper development of all the regulatory projects in which the main axis is the technical component. He also provides advice on projects regarding Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) policy making conducted by the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies.
Within the organization, he leads relations with the ICT industry (operators, associations, technology suppliers, and users associations) in Colombia in order to socialize regulatory proposals and receive feedback from the sector about to the Commission's initiatives. Sánchez is also responsible for the follow-up of international regulatory and technology trends in order to use them as possible models to be applied in the Colombian market.
Through his career, he has also served as Services Sales Senior Manager and Managed Services Senior Manager in Lucent Technologies, and as Network Provisioning Manager and Director of the Management Network Center in the Telecommunications Company of Bogotá (ETB), companies in which he was responsible for the operation of business lines projects and optimum operating models; as well as, for management and operation of telecommunications networks. He has also been Professor at the Electronic Engineering and Telematic Magister programs of the University of Cauca in Colombia.