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Robert Shlegel, the Deputy Head of the Committee of the Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Affairs of the State Duma (Parliament) of Russian Federation.
Member of the “United Russia” political party.
Graduate from the Moscow Humanitarian Institute of Television and Radio, prior to his election to the Parliament, Robert had been a journalist, producer with a video production studio, and press secretary of “Ours” national youth movement
As an MP, Robert has become the first Russian parliamentarian to launch his e-office ( and one of few Russian statesmen who actively employ the Internet and social networks at work.
Robert is the head of the “United Russia” political party’s project “Development of RUnet”, which focuses on tackling digital divide in Russia designing and improving the national legislation relating to the information and communication technologies.
As a speaker, he contributed to numerous conferences and workshops on the Internet related issues and authored a number of papers in the national media.