Sidorenko - Alexey

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Dr. Alexey Sidorenko is an expert on the Russian internet and an experienced web developer. His knowledge of the Russian new media and politics field includes web development, data analysis, regional political analysis, freedom of online speech issues, reporting, and editing. 
Starting February 2012, Dr. Sidorenko works as the head of the Moscow-based project “Teplitsa of Social Technologies,” an innovation incubator dedicated to the creation of citizen web applications and enhancing the NGO ICT skills.
In 2009-2012, Dr. Sidorenko has been a reporter and an editor of the “RuNet Echo” project at Global Voices Online, where he researched and analyzed developments in the Russian internet sphere including the role of the internet in civil society and politics, the changing media landscape and the role of the internet in breaking news coverage, internet policy in Russia and its effect on the digital divide and freedom of speech, and information security and cyber warfare. 
He has also contributed reporting for Freedom House and Reporters Without Borders on internet and freedom of speech issues in Russia. In 2010, he served as the web developer behind the “Help Map” project, an award-winning crowdsourcing initiative to help the victims of the summer wildfires.
He is a native speaker of Russian and is also fluent in English and Polish.