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Shahram Soboutipour is a Medical Doctor (graduated in 2000) with deep interests in ICT fields. This interest, in addition to his personal beliefs, made him change his area of studies from Medicine to ICT in his late studentship.
He has experiences in Corporate Build-up and Management (Business and Marketing Strategy, Product Management, Budgeting, etc.), with deep experiences in Software and e-Service fields.
He serves as an Independent IT Business Consultant for several companies and organizations.
Shahram's first venture into cyberspace goes back to his cooperation with one of the first ISPs in Iran in 1999, when the internet was a far cry from what it is today. In 2001 he funded Karmania Technology Inc., the first software development company in south-eastern Iran. Since 2003, he has played a significant role in Iran’s Domain Name Industry by working on Persian IDNs as one of his strategic working fields. This activity finally resulted in his engagement in the co-formation of IDRU – the Internationalized Domain Resolution Union – which aims to make the Internet accessible in the many script writing systems that exist today.
From 2007, Shahram has been involved in non-for-profit IT related activities by serving as Member of PIR's Advisory Council (.ORG Registry) and Member of the Board of Directors and Director of International Affairs at the Iranian ICT Guild Organization (IIG), the main IT Association covering all the activities of the IT Private Sector with more than 7000 members across the country.
He also holds IIG's Certified Consultant License in “Management & Education Consultation” and “Software & Portal” fields.