Tishchenko - Victor

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Victor I Tishchenko, Ph.D.
Scientific interests:
Information Society, Community Informatics; Network Society; Virtual Communities; Innovations,
Technopolis. etc.
Professional Activities:
Grants – Russian Foundation for Humanities; Russian Foundation for Basic Research, etc. - since 1996 in the field of territorial partnership, community informatics and e-commerce.
Design of numerous plans for Moscow City administration in the field of territorial innovations and community informatics, 1994 – present;
Leading expert in research program in the field of automtization of Candopoga Pulp-and-Paper Enterprise, 1991;
Contributed to the formulation of international strategy of rehabilitation Bryansk Region after Chernobyl Catastrophe, 1991-1992
Leading role in the Program of development of Technopolis in Zelenograd (Moscow), 1990-1991;
Co-chair in The Programme franco-russe (Le Maison des Science de L`Homme (Paris): “Comparatively studies of economic, technology and social development of French and Soviet urban territories (Paris, Lyon, Moscow, Ryazan etc.)”, 1989 – 1994.
Author, co-author, or editor of 2 books, 90 journal articles, conference papers or book chapters, 12 book reviews, and some 60 technical reports.
Publications and reports dealt with aspects of information society, Internet, plans and activities in territorial development, innovations, methodology of science.
Ph.D., Institute of Philosophy Academy of Sciences of USSR, Moscow, 1977 (http://iph.ras.ru/);
Moscow School of Economics, 1999, (Master in Finance);
Social Science Partnership Program, IREX – Academy of Science USSR (http://www.irex.org), Department of Sociology, The University of Chicago, USA, 1990;
Post-graduate diploma in publishing and editing, Moscow State University of Printing Arts, 1977, http://www.mgup.ru/;
Post-graduate studies in Science Logic and Methodology, Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences USSR, 1973 – 1975 (degree Ph.D.), (http://iph.ras.ru/);
MSc. in Biophysics, Medical State University, Moscow, (http://www.rsmu.ru), 1969.
Employment Experience:
(2009 – present time) ISA RAS, Division of Social Informatics, Head
(2001 – 2009) Institute for Systems Analysis of Russian Academy of Sciences (ISA RAS), Laboratory of Dynamics of Macrosystems, Leading Scientific Researcher.
(1988 – 2001) Center for Regional Investigations, Institute of Systematic Analyses, Russian Academy of Science, Headl;
(1998-1999) Department of Humanities, State Technical University – MADI, Invited Professor, Course: Introduction to Urban Management, http://www.madi.ru/guman_f;
(Sept. 1990 – Dec.1990) CERTES, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees, France, Invited Resercher;
(Aug. 1991 – Dec. 1993) Moscow City Administration, The Prefect of Yasenevo District;
(Sept. 1980 – Aug 1988) Department of Philosophy and Law, Academy of the USSR, Deputy Head;
(Sept. 1977 – June 1979) Chair of Philosophy, Medical State University, Moscow, Visiting Lecturer;
(July 1975 – Sept. 1980) Department of Philosophy, Medical Encyclopedia State Publishing House, Head;
(Aug. 1969 – Sept. 1973) Department of Biophysics, Biological Control State Institute, Senior scientific Researcher.