Veer - Lionel

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Lionel Veer became the Dutch human rights ambassador in august 2010. This position was created in late 1999 to strengthen the human rights component in foreign policy and make it more coherent. The mission of the human rights ambassador has a threefold purpose:

  • To integrate human rights into all areas of foreign and development cooperation policy, and across all issues in which human rights play a role.
  • To conduct missions, to discuss human rights questions, explore the scope for dialogue and, occasionally, form part of the delegation of foreign and development ministers.
  • To maintain and develop contacts with Dutch society (in particular parliament, universities, human rights organisations, the media, businesses) in order to propagate human rights policy and acquire new ideas.

Lionel Veer has worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1984, in such policy fields as European affairs, asylum and migration, and international cultural policy. In recent years he has held the posts of Dutch ambassador in Zagreb and consul-general in Munich.