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Nizar Zakka is a Lebanese national, educated in USA. He graduated from Texas University in 1990 with dual degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. He subsequently served as a software consultant to Brown & Root based in Houston, Texas. Following his return to Lebanon, he founded several ICT and e-business solution companies, and served as a consultant to numerous public and private sector ICT initiatives in Lebanon and the Middle East. In 1996, Nizar joined the Professional Computer Association of Lebanon (PCA),, which numbers 110 member companies drawn from the range of ICT-related industries in Lebanon, as a board member. He led community based initiatives bridging the digital divide, and promoted the Lebanese ICT sector in domestic, regional and international markets. In 2002, he was appointed for the position of the CEO in PCA being responsible for all business and community initiatives involving the Lebanese ICT industry. In 2005, Mr. Zakka became the founder and Secretary General of the Union of the Arab ICT Associations (IJMA3). IJMA3,, now counts for 16 regional members, thus forming the largest ICT network in the Middle East and North Africa. In addition, Mr. Zakka was recently appointed as Vice-Chairman of the World IT Services Alliance (WITSA), A consortium comprised of more than 72 ICT industry associations representing 90% of the world ICT market