Zuiderveen Borgesius - Frederik

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Frederik is a PhD researcher at the Institute for Information Law at the University of Amsterdam.
His PhD research concerns behavioural targeting and European data protection regulation. Building on insights from behavioural economics, his research explores how European regulation could be improved to protect privacy, without unduly restricting the autonomy of internet users. Frederik’s research interests include privacy, the liability of internet intermediaries, and copyright enforcement on the internet.
Before joining IViR he worked in the music industry for many years (as a producer, DJ, publisher and label owner) and dealt with copyright on a daily basis. While running his own company he earned his Bachelor's degree in law (2008). Frederik obtained his research master’s information law at the Institute for Information Law in Amsterdam (2011), and also studied at Hong Kong University (2009). During the fall of 2012 he is doing research at New York University.