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Workshop Theme: 
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Theme Question: 

Resume of the Stockholm meeting and looking forward to Lisbon 2013

Concise Description of Workshop: 

Internet has become an integral part of our lives and is shaping our society. But are we as a society governing the Internet in a wise way? Do we all accept our responsibilities to safeguard the continued development of the Internet as a global, inclusive, open and safe virtual environment? Do we ensure that our European values are reflected in the written and unwritten rules governing the Internet? And who sets the rules? EuroDIG constitutes an important platform for multistakeholders to meet in an open and inclusive environment to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the future of the Internet. We are all concerned with the development of rules; governments, businesses, non-profit organizations and citizens. Different stakeholders have different needs, and we need to articulate them and learn about them in order to meet the challenges of today and move forward.
The session will be divided into 3 parts:
We will present the "Messages from Stockholm" and look back to EuroDIG 2012
All European stakeholders and in particular organisers of European national IGFs are invited to contribute to the discussion how European values are reflected in the global Internet development.
The call for issues for EuroDIG 2013 will be opened and we will introduce the milestones to Lisbon.

Organiser(s) Name: 

Sandra Hoferichter, EuroDIG Secretariat Germany
Wolf Ludwig, EuroDIG Secretariat Switzerland

Submitted Workshop Panelists: 

Anders Johanson, PTS, Sweden
Lee Hibbard, Council of Europe, France
Thomas Schneider, OFCOM Switzerland
Wolf Ludwig, EuroDIG Secretariat
Pedro Veiga, Foundation for Scientific Computation (FCCN), Portugal
Ana Neves, Foundation for Science and Technology
Megan Richards, European Commission, Belgium
Representatives from national European IG initiatives (Ukraine, Finland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden among others)
Moderator: Sandra Hoferichter, EuroDIG Secretariat

Name of Remote Moderator(s): 
Gender Report Card
Please estimate the overall number of women participants present at the session: 
About half of the participants were women
To what extent did the session discuss gender equality and/or women's empowerment?: 
It was not seen as related to the session theme and was not raised
Please include any comments or recommendations you have on how to improve the inclusion of issues related to gender equality and: 

EuroDIG stated in the session principles (http://www.eurodig.org/eurodig-2012/information/session-principles)
"Ensure gender and stakeholder balanced dialogue. In the reporting of your session, we would invite you to provide information about the numbers of women and men participating, and if possible as to the balance of government, business, civil society and other communities participating."
However sometimes it is hard to find a sufficient number of women for a specific issue, but the IGF process is definetly one example of good practise.

Reported by: 
Wolf Ludwig, EuroDIG Secretariat
A brief substantive summary and the main issues that were raised: 

The EuroDIG Workshop was well attended by around 40 participants. After opening and introduction to the session, the first announcement was the date of the next EuroDIG event in Lisbon what is: 6-7 June 2013. Participants were kindly asked to reserve the date.
In the first part of the WS, the Message from Stockholm was presented by a speaker from the host country, followed by some evaluations of achievements compared to previous events (Strasbourg 2008, Geneva 2009, Madrid 2010 and Belgrade 2011). The discussion was opened on further expectations and challenges.
In a second part, the Secretariat summarized topics and results from the past EuroDIG planning meeting end of September in Frankfurt, Germany. The main outcomes were a planning schedule and the milestones to Lisbon 2013, further consolidation steps like the creation of the EuroDIG Support Association, outreach and funding coordination. The Milestones to Lisbon were discussed in detail.
In the third part of the WS participants presented and discussed ideas and expectations for Lisbon/Portugal 2013. Representatives of the next host country gave a briefing about the venue, particularities and offers by the host country. The EuroDIG 2013 in Lisbon is aimed at a close coordination with stakeholders in the host country as well as a better inclusion of national IGF initiatives in Europe. In the meantime, there are 15 national IGF events all over Europe and some more to be created. With support of the European Commission (EUC) the coordination among those initiatives and with EuroDIG will be further improved.
A representative of the EU Commission said: “In a number of European Union Member states a Digital Champion has been appointed and this has been a very useful driver to bring about awareness of Internet issues, improving eā€‘skills and inclusion, and each of them has their own particular interest which is important nationally.  So their participation at a national level, at a EuroDIG level and then, of course, ultimately at this level at the IGF is really very important.  I know that the Romanian digital champion was here and participated at this IGF and this is very helpful to provide the link between the IGF at an international level and also nationally and, of course, at a European level.” 

Conclusions and further comments: 

There was agreement that Stockholm constitutes another highlight in the EuroDIG history and Lisbon will envisage some new achievements and not just “more of the same”. As next steps and priorities were announced: Call for topics and agenda proposals – not sessions at this stage – for 2013 (deadline until the end of year), updates of donor material (docs and hand-outs) and participants were invited to support the core team and secretariat in its fundraising endeavours. The next open planning meeting will be convened on 28 – 29 January 2013 in Lisbon to discuss first outlines of a program. Further announcements will be published on the EuroDIG Website and circulated via the Newsletter regularly.