(No.144) Deploying IPv6 in Public Administrations: Issues and Best Practices

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Workshop Theme: 
Managing Critical Internet Resources
Theme Question: 

Managing Critical Internet Resources, Question 5 (IPv4 & IPv6). Emerging Issues, Question 1.

Concise Description of Workshop: 

This Workshop will examine the global technical and political challenges and solutions, associated with the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses and the integration/migration/co-existence of IPv6.The European Commission has spent approximately €100M in funding collaborative projects working on the introduction of IPv6 over the previous 15 years. The early projects focused on standardisation and moved into deployment, operation and management in research environments (eg. GEANT); the goal was to ensure that Europe was prepared for the exhaustion of IPv4 adresses. However, in recognitioon of the global importance, later projects incorporated an international dimension (eg. including the Regional Internet Registries of AfriNIC and LACNIC as full partners) in its dissemination, training and deployment programmes.6DEPLOY is a key project in this field and is giving training courses and installing training labs around the world. These training labs are becoming centres of IPv6 expertise in the region.GEN6 is a new project funded by the European Commission to support IPv6 deployment especially in Public Administrations. Public Administraions must not only ensure that their services are kept available to citizens with only IPv6 connectivity, but can also be high profile leading examples showing that IPv6 deployment cannot be delayed any longer, demonstrating how it can be deployed and generally give a motivation for other organisations to follow.This Workshop will bring together representives from the EC, the project 6DEPLOY and Public Administrations to present and discuss their viewpoints and best practices for the smooth deployment of IPv6 in public service environments.

Organiser(s) Name: 

Martin Potts, Co-ordinator of the EC project 6DEPLOY (which has been awarded the IPv6 Forum Gold Certificate for its training courses).Jordi Palet, Technical Manager of the project GEN6 (who holds a "Gold Certificate IPv6 Trainer" award from the IPv6 Forum).

Previous Workshop(s): 

IGF Hyderabad: Workshop: "IPv6: The solution for the future of Internet"IGF Sharm el Sheikh: Workshop: e-infrastructure with IPv6 for Global socio-economics promotion

Submitted Workshop Panelists: 

Representatives of the EC (eg. Jacques Babot, Jorge Pereira)Representatives of all the RIRs (eg. AfriNIC - Adiel Akplogan, LACNIC - Raul Acheberria, APNIC - Geoff Huston, RIPE-NCC, ARIN)Representatives of Public Authorities who are at the forefront of deploying IPv6 (eg. from Germany, Slovenia, Spain, ...)Latif Ladid: President of the IPv6 Forum

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