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Security, Openness and Privacy
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Question 2

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The advent of cloud computing has brought forward various new benefits for the stakeholders. Yet the concerns pertaining to security of the cloud have raised some fundamental challenges . Further cybercrime is going to tremendously increase in the context of cloud computing. Various jurisdictional questions that are arising in the context of cloud computing are increasingly becoming important challenges in the discussion on cloud computing. Which country or court would have jurisdiction in the event of disputes, is one question, which has not yet been answered. How can cloud computing cop up with the various legal, policy and regulatory challenges and yet contribute to the growth of Internet governance? Can Internet governance today close its eyes to cloud computing? What is the impact of cloud computing on cyber security? How can nations regulate the use of cloud computing to enhance the cause of preserving cyber security? What steps need to be taken by the governments to implement a deterrent effect on cybercrimes in the cloud? How can cloud computing be made as a tool for contributing more towards the further progress and growth of Internet Governance? These and other similar questions would be proposed to be discussed in the proposed workshop.

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Yes, the President of Cyberlaws.Net, Mr. Pavan Duggal has organized various workshops and addresses various workshops including IGF held at Athens, Rio De Janerio, Hyderabad and Sharm-El-Sheikh.

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Prof Garend, South Africa Judge Stein Scholberg, Norway Pavan Duggal, President, Cyberlaws.Net CEO, Apple CIO, IBM

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