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Workshop Theme: 
Access and Diversity
Theme Question: 

question 4

Concise Description of Workshop: 

Today increasingly, the world is constantly changing. The Internet , which was hitherto not the concern of national governments, has suddenly started assuming centre stage attention. Governments of the world are increasingly concerned on what content is being transmitted using the Internet and connected computers, computer systems, computer networks, computer resources and communication devices. That is the reason, why filtering and blocking as phenomena are increasingly being resorted to, by nation states so as to prevent access. National legislations are sprouting in an unprecedented manner, which have granted powers to the governments to monitor, block and filter content. The Arab spring revolution has once again brought forth the proposition that netizens are not going to take kindly , any attempts to curb on their Internet freedoms. What is the exact legal position on filtering and blocking today? How much are such exercises supported by national legislations? How do blocking and filtering have an extremely detrimental impact upon the access and diversity? What are the myths around these subjects and what is the reality check? Is there a need for nation states to exercise restraint and due diligence, before embarking upon filtering and blocking content? These and other related questions would be sought to be covered in the proposed workshop.

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Cyberlaw Asia

Previous Workshop(s): 

Yes, the President of Cyberlaw Asia, Mr. Pavan Duggal has organized various workshops and addresses various workshops including IGF held at Athens, Rio De Janerio, Hyderabad and Sharm-El-Sheikh.

Submitted Workshop Panelists: 

Vincent Cerf, Google Prof Hong Xiu, Beijing University, China Pindar Wong, Hong Kong Edmun Chang, Dot Asia Pavan Duggal, President, Cyberlaw Asia

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