(No.192) Disaster Resiliency and Continuity of Internet Operations

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Workshop Theme: 
Managing Critical Internet Resources
Theme Question: 

Question 2: How can IG policy choices ensure sustainability during natural disasters and recovery/relief efforts?

Concise Description of Workshop: 

Recent natural and man-made disasters have shown the importance of ICTs for connecting relief workers, coordinating response operations, and keeping citizens informed. As Internet-based communications are increasingly relied both in daily life and to support disaster response and recovery, advance consideration about infrastructure, access and sustainability must be taken into account for disaster preparedness. Moreover, disaster recovery and reconstruction offers a further opportunity to learn from experiences and reduce disaster risks through more resilient infrastructures. What steps are needed to ensure that communities remain connected – or to ensure that normal communications are restored as soon as possible – after a disaster?
This workshop will explore the role the Internet and Internet based applications play in disaster response and recovery operations focusing on policies and approaches to ensure access and continuity of services following a disaster. What technologies and services have been implemented and how have countries, companies and NGOs worked to deploy those services or restore them in the event of failures following a disaster. Infrastructure and access strategies will take into account the specific needs of developing countries. Panellists will offer perspectives and lessons learned from recent disasters and help to identify recommendations for collaboration among stakeholders in preparing for future disasters.

Organiser(s) Name: 

Kelly O'Keefe
Director, International Public Policy
Access Partnership

Submitted Workshop Panelists: 

Represnetative of US FCC
Representative of Ministry of Communications of Turkey
Representative of Inveneo
Representative of Microsoft
Representative of Red Cross

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